08 July 2011

Top 20 things against Indian culture

An interesting topic in trending on Twitter right now - #againstindianculture. Now topics like these are ideal bait for my sarcastic jabs, so without any further adieu, here are my top 20 things which are simply against Indian culture. (Includes some of the best from fellow Twitter mates)
  1. Lane driving
  2. Not parking at places marked as 'No Parking'
  3. Buying original software or content (songs, movies etc.)
  4. Covering up roads after digging up
  5. Government authorities completing projects on time (Delhi Metro #respect)
  6. Standing in lines for taking a bus/train
  7. Throwing trash in dustbins at public places
  8. Not-crying kids, well...at all places
  9. Wiping your Dog's poop from the pavement
  10. Getting official work done in a single visit (think passport, driving license)
  11. No bargaining
  12. Removing plastic covers from seats of a new car
  13. Keeping mobile phones on silent, or speaking slowly
  14. Not throwing Beetle projectiles on walls
  15. Seeing a hot girl and not check her out
  16. Owning up to one's fault
  17. Honest politicians, or policemen
  18. Talking bad about Sachin Tendulkar
  19. Traveling light
  20. Kids thinking of becoming something other than engineers or doctors
Also, you can always head over here if case you need more pointers.

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  1. Oh I dint know about these 20 things against the Indian culture.Thank you for bringing those things to the knowledge of your readers.