20 July 2011

Apple's best ever quarter. Again - Highlights from Q3 2011 earnings

Apple announced its Q3 2011 results yesterday, and as we all are quite used to by now, folks at Cupertino just dished out another blow out quarter. Basic upshot - Highest quarterly revenue and profits ever. Record iPhone and iPad sales and highest non-holiday quarter Mac sales ever.

Overall highlights
  • $28.57 billion in revenue (+82% Y-o-Y) with $7.79 billion profit(+120%). That's up from second quarter's $25 billion in revenue and $6 billion in profit respectively.
  • Over 222 million cumulative iOS device sales ever, compared to 130 million Android devices
  • The iPad is now the number 2 business for Apple behind the iPhone, overtaking the Mac
  • International sales now account for 62 percent of Apple's quarterly revenue. Sales in greater China, which includes China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, accounted for $3.8 billion for the quarter.
  • Apple now has $76 billion in cash. That’s a nearly $10 billion surge in three months.
  • Using this quarter’s net profits alone, Apple could buy the bottom 16 countries of the world outright. Its total cash can now buy bottom 40
Read below for more business wise highlights:

  • 20.34 iPhones sold, representing 142% unit growth over the year-ago quarter, more than double IDC's estimate of overall smartphone market
  • Developing and emerging markets especially important for iPhone growth - Added 42 new carriers in 15 different countries throughout the quarter, with China, Latin America, and the Middle East driving increasing numbers

  • 9.25 million iPads sold with over $6 billion in revenue. This is up from 4.69 million iPads sold in Q2 2011
  • Launched iPad in 36 additional countries during the quarter, ending with availability in 64 countries
  • 86 percent of Fortune 500 are deploying or testing the iPad, up from 75% during the previous quarter
  • Now selling more iPads to K-12 (schools) than Macs, which is a revelation given that education has been a traditional Mac stronghold

  • Mac sales were 3.95 million, up 14 % from 3.47 million a year ago. This growth rate is almost 5x the PC industry growth rate.
  • MacBook Pro highest selling Mac model
  • Performance particularly strong in Asia, up 57% year over year

  • iPod sales continued their steady decline in the most recent quarter, slipping 20% YoY to 7.54 million units
  • iPod touch accounted for half of all 7.5 million iPods sold during the quarter.

  • 425,000 apps, 15 billion downloads. $2.5 billion paid out to developers
  • iTunes revenue up 36% year-over-year. Over 225 million accounts, leading music retailer

  • Revenue from retail segment rose 36% to $3.5 billion on higher volume sales of Macs and iPads
  • Opened 4 new stores during the quarter to end with 327 stores, average revenue per store rose roughly 20 percent to $10.8 million.
  • The stores hosted 73.7 million visitors during the June quarter, up from 60.5 million during the year-ago quarter.
  • Apple's personal set-up program within the stores got off to a strong start, with Apple having set up over 2 million total Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPads during the quarter.
  • Plans to open 30 new stores in the September quarter alone, including the first store in Hong Kong
Apple press release


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