26 June 2011

Plug with a switch, Laptops powered by typing [Smart design]

Plug which  come with a switch
Why did anyone not think of this before?...is what I thought when I first looked at this design concept of a plug which comes with an integrated switch. Its convenient, saves an extra switch and comes with a LED indicator which reminds the user that the switch is on. In case you are wondering, the design should work with three-pin plugs as well. The only challenge is the LED light and how much energy it consumes.

Apple might want to have a look at this for their next adapter design for the MB Air!

Laptops powered by typing

A bunch of Australian researchers including some Indians have figured out a way to harness the energy we use while typing to power a laptop. The researchers successfully measured a piezoelectric thin film's capacity for turning mechanical pressure into electricity, an idea which could take us closer to our dream of self-powered portable electronics including laptops powered through typing!

"The power of piezoelectrics could be integrated into running shoes to charge mobile phones, enable laptops to be powered through typing or even used to convert blood pressure into a power source for pacemakers - essentially creating an everlasting battery", says co-author of the research, Dr. Madhu Bhaskaran.

Piezoelectric materials convert mechanical energy into electric power and are used in things like electric cigarette lighters, which use a piezoelectric crystal capable of producing a high voltage electric current after being hit by a spring-loaded hammer, to ignite gas.

Source: YankoGizmag


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  2. Lol this is so accurate. Especially Microsoft. Technology sure is a cut throat business for them.