29 June 2011

Here's how the organisational chart of major Tech companies looks like

Source: Bonkers World

26 June 2011

Plug with a switch, Laptops powered by typing [Smart design]

Plug which  come with a switch
Why did anyone not think of this before?...is what I thought when I first looked at this design concept of a plug which comes with an integrated switch. Its convenient, saves an extra switch and comes with a LED indicator which reminds the user that the switch is on. In case you are wondering, the design should work with three-pin plugs as well. The only challenge is the LED light and how much energy it consumes.

Apple might want to have a look at this for their next adapter design for the MB Air!

08 June 2011

Implications of Apple's WWDC announcements: iCloud, iOS 5 and Lion OSX

Apple hosted its 2011 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 6, 2011, which focused on its new iCloud offering, iOS 5, and Mac OS X. Here is a brief summary and analysis on the various announcements.

The Numbers

Over 200 million iOS devices sold, 44% market share among mobile operating systems
25 million iPads sold in 14 months (up from 15 million in Dec, 2010)
54 million active Mac users worldwide, Laptops outsell desktops (accounting for 73% of Apple PC sales)
425,000 apps on the App Store; 90,000 iPad apps
14 billion apps downloaded by Apple customers (up from 10 billion in Jan 2011)
$2.5 billion paid out to app store developers
130 million books downloaded for the iBookstore
225 million iTunes accounts with credit cards