26 May 2011

iPhone 4 to finally launch in India on May 27th, price starts from Rs.34,500

So its finally official that Airtel and Aircel would be launching the iPhone 4 in India tomorrow.
Aircel is offering the 16GB model of the iPhone 4 at a price of Rs 34,500 and the 32GB model at Rs 40,900. Pricing details from Airtel are not out yet but are expected to be on similar lines.

The Reverse subsidy model
With this iPhone, Aircel is trying an innovative hook. They are offering a reverse subsidy plan under which the buyer pays the full cost of the handset upfront and recovers the entire amount over a period of two years through monthly credits on the subscription plans. Atleast this is now it is being pitched. (more on this in a separate post)

Is it unlocked?
Yes, it is factory unlocked which means you can use it with any operator. The only hook here is this reverse subsidy model where you would be tempted to remain with the operator for a period of atleast 2 years.

Where can I buy it from?
From Airtel and Aircel showrooms. It would also be available in  Apple premium stores.
Should you buy the iPhone 4?
My guess is that if you had wanted one badly, you would have got it already. Anyways, its still some time for the iPhone 5 to come up (Sep-Oct this year), so if you want an iPhone, you should get this one. Some people have expressed concerns over the antenna issue, but its no biggie. You should also look at some of the cool Android phones which have come up this year, specially the Galaxy S2 from Samsung.

And if you are not in a hurry, wait for the next generation iPhone 5 which promises to be a very exciting launch and then get some of your folks in US to get it for you. While folks in Delhi can always visit the Gaffar market for the latest and brightest in consumer tech.

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  1. Great review on whether or not one should buy the iphone 4. I hope you have reviewd other phones too, looking forward to reding them soon. Good job