26 April 2011

Top 10 cartoons from my childhood

When a friend of mine sent me this photo today, for a moment I could not figure out who the chubby dog was. I recognized his snigger well, but failed to remember the name. A little more search and it felt as if a corner deep away in my brain had been shown the light. He was Mutley, of course. And with him, came flooding the rest of the super awesome cartoons that I spent my childhood with. So for the record, here's the list of my top 10 cartoons.

Richest duck in the world, Scrooge McDuck with his little nephews, in the quest of saving his Number One coin from the evil Magica and the beagle boys - this one remains a childhood favorite!
Favorite character: Magica

The second treat of every Sunday morning along with Duck Tales, adventures of Baloo and Kit against the gang of air pirates led by Don Karnage in their mothership was always a treat to watch.
Favorite character: Shere Khan
This multi-galaxy, larger than life conquest to find the seven dragon balls is no less than a cult. Super-human extra-terrestials with their planet shattering fireball duels were a treat to watch.
Favorite character: Goku

Ash Ketchum and his conquest to become the greatest Pokémon trainer ever had everyone hooked. There was a time when I knew the names of most Pokemon's myself! Have to admit, if I'll ever had a pet, it would have to be Pikachu!
Favorite character: Pikachu

Super genius kid, underground lab, a menacing sister and eccentric parents. You know the drill.
Favorite character: Meter, the monkey

Two kick-ass pilots, T-Bone and Razor, saving the Megakat city in their own home grown fighter jet, and we had our daily dose of Top Gun on steroids.
Favorite character: Commander Feral
Jungle Jungle baat chali hai...penned by Vishal Bharadwaj and Gulzar was unarguably the most well known tunes in those times. This Jungle story on Doordarshan is a part of everyone's childhood, a winner all the way.
Favorite character: Sher Khan

Kinder garden band of super hero girls formed from Chemical X saving Townsville from super sized brain Mojo Jojo. Also, one of the most hummable title songs...fighting crime, trying to save the world...!
Favorite character: Mojo Jojo

The life and times of the 'modern' stone age family of the Flintstones and Rubbles was my Mon to Thur 3PM snack after school. I still need to figure out how that car worked though.
Favorite character: Fred Flintstone

10. TOM and JERRY
No list is complete without mentioning our very own Tom and Jerry. My mom tells me that I used to run to my neighbors house every evening, who used to keep it recorded especially for me and my brother. Have seen each and every cartoon a hundred times.
Favorite character: Tom

 Honorary mentions: Chip and Dale, Captain Planet, Recess, Transformers, Darkwing Duck, Wacky Racers and Richie Rich.

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