19 April 2011

[My Next Project] Personal SMS assistant: Spam SMS buster!

Elevator Pitch: SMS Spam buster is a simple and light weight mobile app which detects and kills all spam SMSes based on user preferences.

It seeks to provide respite to all mobile phone subscribers from folks hell bent on selling real estate, slimming belts, Bulk SMS and exotic holiday packages via unsolicited spam SMSes.

  • You can maintain a local list of words and senders which you want to block. Ex: Sauna Slim belt, plot, bulk SMS etc.
  • The app will intercept all incoming messages and put detected spam messages in a separate Spam folder without any notification
  • Spam folder will work like the one you have on email, with the ability to restore messages to inbox or delete
  • Your settings would be saved and synced with the cloud. In case you lose or change your phone, just re-download the app, login and have all your settings restored. Peer to peer transfer of settings would also be enabled.
  • Future versions of the app would support smart Spam filters, with an ability to automatically filter incoming SMSes based on your past interactions
  • To be made available for iOS, Android and Symbian (given their large installed base in India)
I realize that there are some apps which already do some of the stuff mentioned above. Would be indebted if anyone can point me to an iPhone app which does this and actually works.

My Next Project series is dedicated to my world of random and crazy ideas, giving a rare insight into the stuff I think about. Please feel free to pick stuff from here to build your next Google and Apple. I would be satisfied with a 30% stake, no questions asked. Deal?

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