10 April 2011

I'm Back!

So after a hiatus of over 2 years, I am back to this forgotten web real estate. It has always been a love-hate relationship here, I always get back here whenever I find a chunk of free time. So now that I am on a break from work,  its only fair that I give this dude another shot.

The decision to come back was not easy though, here's a low down of my thought process:

In the age of micro-blogging and status updates, its no hidden fact that blogging is a dying art form. So it seems quite a lame decision on the outset.

As with my Twitter stream, my larger goal has always been to use these spaces as personal thought dispensing systems. Getting more visits and clicks, followers, though undeniably lucrative, has been secondary. I hope to build and form an opinion, explore new topics and express viewpoints - which is done best in more than 140 characters.

Also, now that I do a longer commute, I have more time to dedicate to this space. Besides, playing around with new templates and html code always gives a new high!

So what would I write about
The usual, anything interesting that catches the eye. Lot of Apple stuff and technology stuff for dummies. Aamir movie reviews would continue, so would interesting videos and links. Also hope to put on more personal impressions this time, the world through my quadruple lens assembly.

Blogger vs Tumblr
Lately I have seen a lot of folks choosing Tumblr for their personal blogs, so I did check it out. Tumblr is all about sharing relatively short bursts of content, quickly. They have some nice looking templates and the overall platform is looks very well established. Though tempting enough,  I decided to stick to blogger for the following reasons:
  • Google's reliability, both in terms of current performance and future. With Tumblr you never know what's gonna happen 5 years down the line.
  • Greater customization options. Though Wordpress rules the roost here, Blogger provides decent options when it comes to templates, widgets and addons.
  • New Blogger views, which would come anytime soon, look great. (View this blog in these views here)

Here's hoping to stick a bit longer this time around!

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  1. Welcome back. Blogging can be very hectic and requires dedication and willingness to keep working. I'm glad that you are back to give it a chance. Hope we get to read more of your blogs and havr fun reading them. Good luck