16 April 2011

Future projectors look nothing like the ones we have today, thankfully!

Simply put, office projectors are not the best thing we've ever made. They are bulky, unintuitive, and never work in the first go. I call myself a geek, but I always prefer to stay away from that stuff. While phones became Smartphones, PCs became tablets, TVs became Smart TVs, the projector, well, remained the same old dumb piece of hardware.

But there is hope. In this age of cut throat competition in the consumer electronics industry, as players scramble to differentiate, our long neglected friend is in with an outside chance. Hit the break to read more.

Future will see more consumer gadgets being fitted with small projectors. Think cameras. Took a bunch of photographs in the day and and like to view them with friends at night? Go ahead and project! Nikon, Samsung, Sony have already got on to this game.

Smartphones would also serve as worthy carriers of projectors given that we love to watch and share video and pictures on them. Spice mobiles recently launched a projector phone in India with Live TV capabilities which looks pretty neat.

Office projectors would also become interesting. Imagine Laptops with small projectors fitted in, allowing you to project your screen on any surface with a touch of a button without the need of going into special meeting rooms.

Apple has been looking at this keenly and have been awarded a patent recently for this very concept.

Microvision has also done some good work here. They offer a sleek, portable projecter of the size of an iPhone, which you can connect to your laptop, phone or iPod to project anywhere.

A little further ahead
Projection within augmented reality will open up a new realm of possibilities. I am sure most of us have watched this demonstration from our man Pranav Mistry where he attempts to bring digital information to the real world with a simple projecter, camera and hand gestures.

Prototypes of projection keyboards have also been making the rounds, virtually eliminating the need for physical keyboards from our devices.

And if that's not enough, 3D projectors which do not require glasses may also be in the works.

So, projectors of the world, rejoice! Your time has finally come.

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