12 April 2011

[Favourite Movie Scenes]: Taare zameen par

Taare Zameen Par is one of those movies which you can watch over and over again and never get tired. And then there are some bits which you absolutely love. This one is one of those.(pardon the foreign credits, apparently the scene is so good that some Japanese guy found and uploaded it)

A lot happens in this space of 10 minutes. Nikumbh, on seeing Ishaan's paintings and craft-work, is fascinated. He tries to explain to a reluctant and a defensive father what his son is going through. To his credit, he has no way of knowing how it feels like when you cannot understand a thing as simple as alphabets. Nikumbh then spells out the ugly truth of the Indian education system where a child is robbed off his childhood by insensitive parents and teachers who believe their job is to create race-winning rats.

Aamir Khan is expectantly brilliant and delivers a very instinctive performance with emotions ranging from fascination, disgust, comforting to just being hopeful. SEL's music complements Prasoon's lyrics to create an immensely soulful background as Nikumbh peeks into young Ishaan's thoughts and his world of colors.

A must watch for all parents and kids.

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