30 December 2008

Ghajini: A lesson in Marketing!

After 25th December:
  • 100% opening day collections with over 1500 prints
  • Over 90 crore business by the end of first Sunday
  • Expected 120 crore by end of first week
  • Best Ever Opening
  • Top film of 2008 already
Before 25th December:
Lets have a look at what the hell happened to get these earth shattering numbers.a sneak peek at the Marketing Strategy for Ghajini :

28 December 2008

Ghajini: Movie Review

I said here that I follow a rule, never miss a Aamir Movie. And I am glad I am sticking to it.

After months of SRK style marketing and unprecedented hype, it was a no brainer that Ghajini would open to packed theaters all around India. Scene in Bangalore was no different, with full houses all through the weekend.But such was the urge that I decided to shell out Rs 300 to the crooks at PVR to get a sunday ticket.

Not dwelling much into the story, Ghajini is a see-saw ride of Love found, love lost, revenge, action and trill. The film grips you from scene one and never loses you till its three hour length. You smile with Aamir and Kalpana and their 'it can only happen in bollywood' love story, You cry with aamir when his love is killed by the monster Ghajini in front of his eyes, you bite your teeth when Aamir juggernaughts over the villian sidekicks on his way to Ghajini, and you also feel that that 'iron sariya' was too short and hope that he finds a bigger one to slam his head in the end, and are satisfied when he finally does it.