28 September 2008

My name is going around the Earth on NASA's satellite!!

After a Guinness Book record in my name, here comes another one.I'll soon have my name circling around the earth on NASA's own satellite-GLORY!! So finally, some part of me gets to visit the Space.

Ok, I didn't design the fuse conductors for the NASA satellite for getting my name up there.You can have your name on Glory too.

The "Send Your Name Around the Earth" Web site enables everyone to take part in the science mission and place their names in orbit for years to come. Here's the website for you all:
All those who enter the name here will get a printable certificate from NASA(similar to the one above) and will have their name recorded on a microchip that will become part of the satellite. The last date for submitting names is Nov. 1, 2008.

As per the official NASA mail,

The Glory Mission will:
1. Measure solar energy entering the Earth's atmosphere
2. Collect data on the properties of natural and human-caused
aerosols in the Earth's atmosphere

So go ahead and write your name.If you are not lucky enough to become a star after you die, you'll surely have some part of you on that microchip!!

01 September 2008

Some Professional Fundas of Office life...

Its not Hi! .... its Hey !!!

Yes, its no more Hi! How are you doing. Its Hey! Can you do this for me?
For some time I pondered why people use Hey instead of its widely accepted counterpart, but I soon realised its convenience.

In plain Hinglish, Hey is a combination of Hi and Oye. So Hey becomes the instant conversation starter as if with a Hi and it also calls out to a person you want to talk to for some work as in oye.So no need of any unpleasant pleasantries. If you are in a fix on how to start talking to a person, just say Hey, and all ground is laid!

People have Bandwidth, they come on the same page, they touch base, and also have a RADAR!!!

Yes, these are not superhumans, but ordinary people like you and me. When you Don't have enough Bandwidth, you mean that you already have your hands overflowing and you don't want any other tap to open your way.
People come on the same page when they all understand the situation in hand and are ready to start from there.They touch base when they meet, and keep things on their Radar, simply meaning that don't dare to forget this!