05 August 2008

No Internet in the IT city of India!

For a person like me, who literally eats and drink on the Laptop with an internet connection, it is quite frustrating that even after a month here in Bangalore,I am still looking for an Internet Connection at my place! I have gone through a myriad of options and finally looking to experiment now.

Airtel, with which I had a bitter-sweet experience in Delhi was my first choice.I knew airtel, being the most responsive and proactive Telecom group in our country will get me an Internet connection as soon as possible with minimum documents.So I was a little surprised when their customer care replied that they will do a feasibility check of my area and revert back.Revert back they did, but with a negative.They were very sorry to inform that Airtel does not provide Internet services in that area.

My next option was BSNL.But it was dropped almost instantly.Reason: 3 months waiting period.Again amazing to know with our Telecom minister not happy with the Broadband Penetration in our country and failing targets every year, little does he know that horses of his own stable are losing out on customers like me day in and day out.If Mr. Raja is listening, I guess both BSNL and MTNL need a rap on their wrists for their miserable operations and dwindling customer service.

So, with the top two options eliminated, it was time to look DOWN to the likes of Tata Indicom, Sify, Reliance and Cable internet.A few reviews of Sify on the net, and it was dropped quickly.Also the fact that I wanted a mobile Internet connection which was broadband eliminated Tata and Reliance Plug 2 Surf Data cards.

It finally came down to Reliance and Tata Wimax broadband Internet. Both promised broadband speeds and a mobile internet connection which can be moved in case we shifted our accommodation. They also promised pathetic customer care, limited or no connectivity and poor signal strengths! But now, after a month of waiting I'm willing to settle down for less.So I have now decided to give Reliance Wimax a shot and see how it works.Hopefully I would be surfing the net in the comforts of my home from this weekend!


  1. Delhi is Delhi. Who told you to leave your matrubhoomi? :D

  2. ok...I guess I know who this anonymous is!
    I agree as I have always done, Delhi is Delhi, but Bangalore is not that bad, for now atleast!!

  3. Dunno about banglore but as far as your guessing is concerned, its quite good...lol