18 July 2008

Are you spending 90% of your online time with Google?

Have you calculated how much of your Online time you spend with Google and its myriad services.In my previous article about the web services I use, six out of the sixteen were Google's.Just 4 months on, and I realise that Google has become my best net pal by far.

I start of my day checking my personal and official email (hosted at GMail).From there I go on to my Google Reader to have a look at my RSS subscriptions.

Now shifted to Bangalore, GTalk has become all the more crucial in my scheme of things to catch up with the near and dear ones.Its been a time I logged on to yahoo messenger.

Rest of my catching up is completed by Orkut, my preferred social networking site(due to its simple interface).

The new location also finds me frequently hooked to Google maps for locations.Though it still can't give me directions, for which I use Yahoo maps which works superbly well.

A brief look at Google news is also a part of my daily chores, specially now that I have limited access to newspapers.It gives me the aggregated top stories from around the world right on my laptop screen.

Though never of any consequence earlier(pun intended!), I now find use of the Google Calendar.I frequently add events for calls and discussions with people all across, plus it gives me reminders and the ability to share.

Ir rarely happens in a day when I do not come across a Youtube link to a very exciting video.Once in, you can spend your entire life watching and enjoying those amazing vidoes which just doesn't stop coming.

I collaborate with my team partner with Google Docs with which we can build, edit and share together.Thanks to this, my visits to dear old MS Office have halved.

I store my photos online using Picasa.I have Picasa installed on my machine which not only is a fantastic photo manager, but I also love the way it automatically uploads my photos to my online account.

Not to mention that I write this Blog on Blogger, which is again a Google service.Along with this blog, I use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools to improve this page you are reading.The feed of this blog is produced by google's Feedburner, which you can subscribe here to be in touch with the latest on this blog.I also use Google Adsense to show relevant ads(ok...also to get a quick buck!).

Apart from this, I wish to try Google Alert and notebook service in the coming days.

OH YES, I almost forgot, what about our dear old Google.com, our very own friendly neighbourhood search Engine! I guess all of us online now cannot live without Google search.

Ok, lets take a Breath.

So, whats the count?? Hmm...let me have a look.Looks like 'Eighteen'.
God my previous list is so outdated!!!

Is it really me, or you are very also very well on the Google's Bandwagon??I'm very eager to know....


  1. yes, I guess u r right.Though not as much as you, I do use a lot of these google services myself!!!

  2. Dunno about the others, but a lot of my time is spent on Orkut and GTalk !!! :)