08 June 2008

'SarkaR Raj ' Movie review

I haven't seen 'Aag' but people said that anything would be better than that, ( though Tashan did give a good fight..). I had seen Sarkar, the original, and quite liked it. It was a different movie, which had a unique tone and texture, almost no dialogues, no songs, but power packed expressions and screenplay.

Sarkar Raj is no different.The movie carries forward the legacy of Subhash Nagre, with his son Shankar carrying the beacon.The plot revolves around a power plant project, which is shared dream of Anita(Ash) and Shankar (Abhi) , and how it turns into a dirty Political minefield with the opposing forces determined to bring down Shankar and the Sarkar Raj.

The storyline is gripping but largely drags, throwing intermittent surprises. The highs of the film include the carry forward ' Govinda govinda .....' background chant which acts as a perfect filler for the silent zones.The political intricacies, twists and turns, specially towards the end are superb.

Ram Gopal Varma continues with his awkward camera angles, oscillating between chairs, full close-ups, sepia tones, saturation, and black and white images.Amitabh is routine, as one expects a powerful performance from the veteran actor, Abhishek and Ash are both impressive, though a overdose of glycerin might have hurt those gorgeous blue eyes !!

All in all, an Ok movie, but with this script, better could have been done.Watch it if you have a flair in politics, or have nothing else to do in the weekend, otherwise wait for the T.V. Premiere.



  1. yes, the movie was a Drag at many places, though I thought Abhishek was very good.Ram Gopal Varma has just managed to redeem himself with this one, otherwise it would have been the end of his raj....!!

  2. I quite liked the movie, Amit ji were superb as always.Though I was perturbed by the irregular camera angles, yellow lights and darker shades throughout.As you mention, govinda govinda....was even more powerful this time around.