05 June 2008

Of the unusual Delhi rain...and monsoons

I'm sure all Delhiites and much of north India is quite relishing this unusual rainfall we've had this season.Being in Delhi for over a decade now, I have never seen it rain so heavily and consistently in the month of may and June, even in the monsoons, If I may add.

The fact of the matter is that Delhi was becoming hotter and drier every year.The monsoons have been shrinking each year, and last year, If I recall correctly, they never came to Delhi !! A squall here, a drizzle there was all we got, after braving the scorching heat and life sucking hot winds for over three months.

But this season, its been quite different.It seems the rain gods have seen enough of Lord Surya! We have had the wettest May ever in the capital's history with a total of 164.8 mm rainfall recorded. The previous highest rainfall during the month was 129.3 mm in 2002. Weathermen have attributed this unusual weather to the influence of an upper air cylonic circulation, which has caused the bountiful rainfall, but yes that was an explanation and not a forecast.

The rain has continued into June, which is by far the most dreaded month in Delhi. Yesterday night too saw a huge downpour, with me getting stuck by the road side.

As I stood under a shelter watching the rain gaining force, more and more cyclists and motorists stopped by, drenched in water. The rain continued and so started the talk.Many were enjoying this unusual rainy Delhi summer, while others were already worried about the Monsoons, which might not come to Delhi now, due to such heavy rainfall. It was then that it occurred to me, about this very special bond we all share with the monsoon, the dark clouds, the shattering thunderstorms, the first monsoon drop and the smell of wet mud, the joy and happiness associated with it, probably one of the most satisfying connections with nature.

With these thoughts, I decided, for once, to re-connect this link, and walked out from the shelter in the drizzle.

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  1. sahe mein yaar,maza aa gaya to iss baar toIts been raining gr8 in Delhi!!!!