18 June 2008

I have a Guinness Book Record...

ok...Its shared with 8 million people worldwide

The much hyped Mozilla Firefox 3 finally released on the 17th of June with about 8 million downloads in 24 hrs since launch, in a bid to set(rather than break) a Guinness book record for the most downloaded software in a day.

I was pretty much the part of the firefox frenzy as I repeatedly refreshed my download window hoping for a download which was scheduled to start at 10.20 p.m. in India but refused to load.The servers finally went up at around 11.30 and I officially downloaded the new version of my default browser.


  1. Even I downloaded FF 3 within the 24 hour period , but have receive no such certificate.From where did u get it???

  2. You can get your Firefox 3 Certificate from here: