05 May 2008

Inspired Pritam...!!

"Creativity is all about hiding your sources...." - Albert Einstein

As the video started with this quote, i really looked forward to what it had in store.And just 5 seconds into it, I knew, what many of us had heard, was true....shockingly, amazingly TRUE.

Mr. Pritam Chakraborty , the much celebrated music Director, with hits like, woh lamhe, Gangster, Life in a Metro, bhool bhulaiya, Dhoom, Jab We Met,Race....was being busted right before my eyes.The tune, the beat, even the lyrics, COPIED, Frame to Frame, Point to Point.

Dig a little deeper in youtube, and you will find PRITAM COPY CATS 1,2,3,4...., and you realize that literally all the chartbusters given by Mr.Pritam have been " Inspired " (read "lifted" ), from Korean, Indonesian,arabic bands and even hindi and bengali songs.

One is amazed on how the title track of Bhool bhulaiya, 'Pehli Nazar mein' from Race, almost all songs from Gangster, life in a metro, match tune to tune with their original counterparts.

Its not the first time that we have seen cases of Music being Copied blatantly.Recently we had Mr.Rakesh Roshan dishing out some crores for a hasty settlement for a copied song in Krazzy 4.Mr. Pritam was also in news earlier, when his chart buster ' Ya Ali' was exposed to be a straight forward copy of ' Ya Ghali', by a Kuwait based band called GuiTaRa.Mr. Pritam however said that he never knew the song had existed and he was inspired by a Muslim folk song which has been around for centuries. Anu Malik has been getting "Inspired" for ages now and finds himself out of work.

I personally, do not hold an extremist view on getting inspired.If Pritam would not have brought 'Sarang Haeyo' as 'Pehli Nazar mein...', we probably would not have heard the song ever.Music as I feel, is not meant to be copyrighted, its meant to be spread. There's nothing in this world that works like good music, from wherever it may be,and we do little service by imposing laws and rights on it.It was a great step by ColdPlay to put their new album online for free.I was more amazed than shocked to see the above videos, as you tend to respect people for their work and only to find out later that it was not their original.Though all is not lost until we have Rehman and SEL around.

Leaving you with this one, 'Pehli nazar mein' original version, with a lakh hits on youtube..have fun!!!


  1. oh man....this is so shameful....same 2 same, ditto copy, hadd he ho gayi yaar!!!! I saw all the videos, u r right, he has copied almost all!!!! Shame on u Pritam...

  2. This is amazing, saw this post, searched more and found this one : http://www.itwofs.com/hindi-pritam.html

    in detail shows which songs were copied, seriously its a limit!! I reaaly liked him prior to this.....

  3. Man there's more, its all here....copy, all of them!!!!!


  4. honestly mujhe to yeh korean version zyada better laga, the video is good too.I have already heard it 10 times :)

  5. If Pritam would not have brought 'Sarang Haeyo' as 'Pehli Nazar mein...', we probably would not have heard the song ever.Music as I feel, is not meant to be copyrighted, its meant to be spread...

    well said vaneet, and I feel pehli nazar mein is far betr than the original version :) !!!

  6. Looks like Pritam is giving serious competetion to our original " inspiration " gurus, Anu Malik and BaaaPPPPiii Da :D