22 March 2008

Web Services I use

So Finally I'm back after a long time(ok, after an exile..), was really busy over the past month, including a week at Hong Kong,would be putting up a travelogue soon.Just thought,as a warmup, why not pen down some of the web services I use:

  • Gmail is any day my proffered e-mail service.I like its Clear and Fast interface, integrated chat and conversations.
  • Google.com , needless to say, is the most comprehensive search engine we have.One interesting development here is the alpha launch of wiki's search engine 'wikia search'.
  • Yahoomail is the second email account I use.Highly disappointed with their new version, its basically an Advertisement store house with bits of email in between,though thanks to Ad Block Plus, some sanity has prevailed.The interface is very slow and sluggish.
  • Orkut is another frequent destination where I Digitally stay in touch with my friends.With the orkut API opening up, there are exciting times coming ahead.Eagerly waiting to see what sort of applications do we have for Orkut.
  • Blogger: This blog is hosted on Blogger. Though there are still not as many options and control that one has with wordpress, I think Blogger will be the preferred choice of many seeing the type of consolidation Google has done of the relevant Internet space.
  • Wikipedia is probably the best thing that has happened in the web2.0 era.Simply can't imagine the web without this one stop information dispenser.I'm actually used to typing vague terms in my search box and looking at the top wikipedia result for it.Wonder how Google's Knol will catch up.
  • Techcrunch, Contentsutra, Watblog to stay abreast with the latest in the Internet and the advertising space.
  • Rapidshare:Despite the annoying Time Limitations, I still find a lot of stuff on this website.
  • Yatra, Cleartrip, ezeego1 for booking Flight tickets.Reasonably satisfied with all the services.Would be coming up with a comparative post soon.
  • Irctc.co.in, for booking train tickets.For a govt. website, it rocks!!
  • Youtube: I am not a frequent visitor, but I usually land on to the site through a link sent to me.
  • Download.com is my preferred supply chain for my Software inventory.
  • Picasa and Flickr are my preferred locations for image storing.Picasa's offline software is a great photo organiser, with a lot of photo touch up options,a must have if you have a lots of them on your drive.
  • Zoomin, itasveer, Snapfish, Picsquare: Recently used all the online Photo Printing Services to get my Hong Kong pics delivered right at my doorstep.All did a reasonably good job at it.Would be putting up a comparative post soon.Watch out for it!!
  • Indianguitartabs.com, one of the most exhaustive Indian sites for Guitar enthusiasts.And yes I'm trying my hand at the guitar :)

Hmmm....can't think of more at the moment, would add to the list as I remember more names.But those who are reading this would realize that I now have my three future posts.

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