30 March 2008

TCS:500 Jobs Cut after Recent Pay cut

Layoff sign of more trouble to follow for the IT sector?


If you have read this piece in the Times of India, then it would cause more worry.Now after cutting jobs,companies not giving offer letters!!
There is no denying the fact that the industry as a whole is seeing a down trend,so its natural that it will do everything to cut down on costs, which includes cutting down its bench strength, or its effective utilization.If you have offers from big IT cos, then don't worry, just be in regular touch with your HR.There have been cases, starting last year, when the joining dates of last year were delayed, so its advisable to keep one's options open.

What I read today was all about the above question.

After cutting down on variable pay across the board, Tata Consultancy Services has shown the door to 500 employees, citing poor performances as the reason. TCS is India’s largest private sector employer and Asia’s largest software exporter.

TCS however said that "Employees with experience of two years and above across the company who were unable to meet the performance requirements of our company are asked to look for other jobs commensurate with their abilities".It has been asserted that no employee has been sacked or fired.

As a policy the only time that TCS dismisses people is for disciplinary reasons.We might be reading too much into the lines, keeping in view the fact that the same no. of people leave TCS every year on similar grounds.TCS has added 7,522 employees in the third quarter ended December 31, taking the number of its employees to 108,229.

Earlier, TCS decided to reduce a portion of the variable pay linked to performance, effectively reducing an employee’s salary by about 1.5% for the January-March quarter.

Are we approaching IT sector slowdown 2.0?

The IT sector of India basically ailing from 2 facts:
  • Signs of a slowdown in the US economy, the largest spender on IT systems and outsourcing.i.e. Major clients may cut back their spending on technology and postpone upgradation.
  • The rising rupee viz-a-viz the US dollar building up the pressure on margins and revenues.For the uninitiated, all IT companies which earn their revenues in dollars and spend in rupees back home are at a huge loss.
IBM too has laid off around 700 entry-level trainee programmers across offices in India on the basis of performance. More IT companies are now looking at strict cost cutting measures. Salary hikes and bonuses are also likely to come down in the IT sector.

But this is only one side of the story.Optimists believe that the US recession might just help India in many other ways.With no immediate cut in IT budget of foreign companies, they will be looking at cutting costs, thereby creating more opportunities fir the Indian IT sector.
Our IT giants have done a great job up till now to maintain good profits by streamlining ways and adopting cost-effective methods, along with foray into new markets.The pay and Job cut strategy may be short-term and the industry as such remains bullish.

I think a slowdown would be too heavy a word to use at this stage, its more of a challenge, and I am sure our cos are up to it.For the recruits, its too early to worry, but they need to be better prepared, the sector might become a lot more competitive next year onwards!

28 March 2008

Bang-Bang Sehwag, SA hide for cover!!!

What we saw today was undoubtedly the most entertaining and swash-buckling innings I have ever seen by a batsman in Test Match Cricket.Throughout the day, Virender Sehwag pelted fours and sixes in every part of the ground as the South Africans could do nothing but to retrieve the ball from the boundary ropes, sweating and panting.Right in the middle of the the hot and humid chennai stadium.....they were hit by a hurricane, one named Sehwag!
(click to enlarge)

Mickey Arthur, SA coach, could not have summarised things any better,
"I think that's the best Test-match innings I've ever seen," he said. "The way he played today was absolutely amazing. We tried to attack him, we defended against him, tried to bowl straight lines, bowl wide, over the wicket, round the wicket, did everything possible. And he countered us."
In the session after lunch, it was almost like seeing a Highlights Package.Every over saw a boundary, ball being cut, flicked, driven, pulled, almost disdainfully to the ropes.Reputations were flayed as the likes of Ntini were hit mercilessly for sixes over cover, the faster he bowled, faster he went!The SAfricans chased leather for the entire day as Sehwag made way to his second Triple century.Even as he connected the lofted shots and the reverse sweeps, not even once did he seem to get out.

It was a real treat watching him bat today.Cheers Sehwag, and go get us that LARA record now :P !!!!

27 March 2008

Google Page Rank Debut !!

This came up as a very random find.
Following a request from someone to add a link to his website on this blog, I randomly checked my Google page rank.And Ahoy!! To my surprise, it showed a value, other than ZERO.A real welcome change this, would love to see this number go up.....

PageRank Checking Icon

Check Page Rank of your web site here:

22 March 2008

Web Services I use

So Finally I'm back after a long time(ok, after an exile..), was really busy over the past month, including a week at Hong Kong,would be putting up a travelogue soon.Just thought,as a warmup, why not pen down some of the web services I use:

  • Gmail is any day my proffered e-mail service.I like its Clear and Fast interface, integrated chat and conversations.
  • Google.com , needless to say, is the most comprehensive search engine we have.One interesting development here is the alpha launch of wiki's search engine 'wikia search'.
  • Yahoomail is the second email account I use.Highly disappointed with their new version, its basically an Advertisement store house with bits of email in between,though thanks to Ad Block Plus, some sanity has prevailed.The interface is very slow and sluggish.
  • Orkut is another frequent destination where I Digitally stay in touch with my friends.With the orkut API opening up, there are exciting times coming ahead.Eagerly waiting to see what sort of applications do we have for Orkut.
  • Blogger: This blog is hosted on Blogger. Though there are still not as many options and control that one has with wordpress, I think Blogger will be the preferred choice of many seeing the type of consolidation Google has done of the relevant Internet space.
  • Wikipedia is probably the best thing that has happened in the web2.0 era.Simply can't imagine the web without this one stop information dispenser.I'm actually used to typing vague terms in my search box and looking at the top wikipedia result for it.Wonder how Google's Knol will catch up.
  • Techcrunch, Contentsutra, Watblog to stay abreast with the latest in the Internet and the advertising space.
  • Rapidshare:Despite the annoying Time Limitations, I still find a lot of stuff on this website.
  • Yatra, Cleartrip, ezeego1 for booking Flight tickets.Reasonably satisfied with all the services.Would be coming up with a comparative post soon.
  • Irctc.co.in, for booking train tickets.For a govt. website, it rocks!!
  • Youtube: I am not a frequent visitor, but I usually land on to the site through a link sent to me.
  • Download.com is my preferred supply chain for my Software inventory.
  • Picasa and Flickr are my preferred locations for image storing.Picasa's offline software is a great photo organiser, with a lot of photo touch up options,a must have if you have a lots of them on your drive.
  • Zoomin, itasveer, Snapfish, Picsquare: Recently used all the online Photo Printing Services to get my Hong Kong pics delivered right at my doorstep.All did a reasonably good job at it.Would be putting up a comparative post soon.Watch out for it!!
  • Indianguitartabs.com, one of the most exhaustive Indian sites for Guitar enthusiasts.And yes I'm trying my hand at the guitar :)

Hmmm....can't think of more at the moment, would add to the list as I remember more names.But those who are reading this would realize that I now have my three future posts.