16 February 2008

'Jodhaa Akbar' Movie Review

Jodhaa Akbar, for a start, is a rare cinematic experience.It is opulent, grand, and it is classy, the traits seldom combined in Hindi Cinema.Combined with some power packed performances,the movie scores with its several high points among some average bits.With the khans, and the chistees, and the rajputanas, the forts and the armies, the horses and the elephants, the movie is spell bounding.

The movie is a huge success in recreating the Mughal era.It might be apt as a video lesson for the history students, studying about the mughal era.The sets and settings are grand.Even the Cooking bowls and the Food thaalis are huge(and mouth watering!).The war sequences are neck to neck with Hollywood movies like Troy.

The cast, typical to Ashutosh, is huge but spot-on. Hrithik stamps his acting prowess as the Shahi Mughal emperor with his flawless style and urdu dialogues. His effort and preparation for this role are evident as he tames the elephant and the sword with equal dedication and panache. Aishwarya looks stunning as the as the malikai hindustan and gives her second good performance after 'Guru'.As the men watch her with glee, the women are sure to boil with envy, as the petite Rajput princess hosts tonnes of sparkling jewelery. All other khans and rajas jell with the script.

The movie is about 3 and a half hour long, but it does not bore you a single moment.The first half bears a unique resemblance to the saas-bahu saga with Ila Arun as Maham Anga playing the wamp and plotting against the newly wed Jodhaa. The story picks up hugely in the second half and captures you till the end(though the ending again bears a mischievous resemblance to Brad Pitt and Troy).The choreography and picturization of 'azeemo-shan-shehenshah' is superb.

JA for me sets a standard for any period movie to come in the future.Hats of to the crew for the sheer effort and guts that are needed to make a film like this.



  1. Pehle to mera man nahin tha, par tune to zyaada he tareef kar de...ab to dekhne he padegi!!

  2. I think one of the few letdowns was actually picturization of some war scenes...they looked a little amateurish to me, and considering the money spent on the movie overall, this is one area that deserved more attention. Otherwise, like you said - a rare cinematic experience.