25 February 2008

Jal - the band, LIVE

"Ab tho aadat si hai mujh ko
aisay jeenay mein
zindagi say koi shikwa
bhi nahin hai
ab tho zinda hoon mein iss neelay aasman mein.."

Though the sky was stark black yesterday night at NSIT, Delhi where the Pakistani Rock Band - Jal was performaing live.The band which was started by the now famous Atif Aslam, and Gohar Mumtaz, which Atif later quit, now has Farhan Saeed as the lead singer and Aamir Sheraz as the bass guitarist along with Gohar.

The threesome along with the drummer Salman Albert rocked the night with their chart busters. Starting with a slowish track, they picked momentum with their famous 'Lamhey' and 'aadat'. Their slow redention of 'Ik Din Aayega' was a great hear, along with 'Bikhra hoon main' and
'Dil Haaray Pukaray'.With their patent pending, ooohoooohoooo and wohoooohohohohohoo...the band entertained to the fullest.

Farhan, their lead singer, has a voice very similar to Atif.Both Gohar and Aamir were great at the guitar and performed unfazed amidst the sporadic ' ATIF ' chants.

A night, along with Jal, and friends, of-course was a treat!

Songs Recommended: 'Ik Din Aayega', a beatiful motivational track which was written for the earthquake victims.


  1. yes Jal was gud...though starting was slow, they signed of well...dama dam mast kalandar rocked

  2. Jal the band has always been awesome!I love Farhan saeed's voice, it's so soothing to the ears. I love the songs Lamhey and Aadat. Perfect song choice for a concert.