14 February 2008

Beware of Pick-Pockets at CP Metro station

Pick Pocketers at CP metro station This is one news that the CP metro station can do without.The huge and swanky Connaught Place metro station, the largest of the underground stations of the Delhi Metro is seeing a meteoric rise in the number of Pickpocketing cases in the past few months.The station is by far the most Crowded in the entire metro stretch and acts as the focal point for routes in different direction which provides a safe haven for the notorious sneak thieves.The regulars would have realized the increase in frequency of warning messages at the station and in trains coming and leaving.

Losing your wallet can become one hell of a bull-shitting experience.In a moment you are stripped off not only all your cash, but also the driving license, credit cards , RCs and documents that establish your very identity!

Two of my friends have had there wallets stripped off at the very station.But the efforts of the Metro officials have to be lauded here.One of the unlucky two actually got a call from the security officials the next day that they had nabbed the crook in the security cameras and the purse has been found!!They showed him the video in which the unsuspecting thief was taking out the purse from the back pocket of his bag.(just like the pic above)

  • Avoid keeping the wallet and other valuables in Back-Pockets.
  • Lost, confused and distracted make easy targets.Be sure of your self.
  • Keep photocopies of all the documents that you keep in the wallet.

So the next time somebody bumps into you, check your pockets, there might be something missing!!

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  1. Man I got stripped off my license, pan card, debit card and cash in a bl**** blueline,ek baar woh mil gaya to chorunga nahin...grrrr