10 January 2008

Tata launches its 1 lakh($2500) peoples car 'NANO'

The much awaited Rs 100,000 ($2,500) "people's car" was finally launched today as Ratan Tata drove in the 'Nano' (for being small and high tech) into the Tata Motor's pavilion at the Auto Expo 2008 in New Delhi.

Branded as ' the world's cheapest car', the car will be manufactured at the company's Singur facility in West Bengal and would cost less than a branded DVD player in a BMW or a Mercedes!!!!
'The People’s Car' as it is being billed promises to bring the comfort and safety of a car within the reach of lakhs of families. Tata will start bookings in June and the car will be seen on roads from October this year.
It has been made clear that the standard version of the car will be priced at Rs 1 lakh ex-showroom with VAT and other taxes extra which will lead the final price to be about 1.25 lakhs, still about a lakh cheaper than its nearest counterpart , the Maruti 800.

here's a quick camparson between the two cars:



Maruti 800


3.1 m, 1.5m, 1.6m

3.335m, 1.440m, 1.405mm


Bharat 3 (Euro 4)

Bharat Stage III


20-22 km/lt

15-17 km/lt


623 cc,33 bhp

796 cc, 37 bhp

It will sport a 30-litre fuel tank and 4-speed manual gearshift. The car will come with air conditioning(not in the standard version), but will have no power steering. It will have front disk and rear drum brakes.The car's dashboard features just a speedometer, fuel gauge, and oil light. The car does not have reclining seats or radio. The shock absorbers are basic.The Nano will come in three variants -- standard and two deluxe models with AC.
As of now, Ratan Tata has refused any concerns on environment and safety and the car has successfully passed the front crash test.The looks of the car are promising and offer 21% greater interior volume than the 800.

What about Road congestion??

A Car is a dream of millions of families in India. As Mr. Tata aptly put it:
I observed families riding on two-wheelers – the father driving the scooter, his young kid standing in front of him, his wife seated behind him holding a little baby. It led me to wonder whether one could conceive of a safe, affordable, all-weather form of transport for such a family.
The car will be huge hit with everybody.With increasingly disposable income, a lakh Rs is no big deal for many here in India. Many may buy it as a city ride, some even as a joy ride, Ladies will love it.News reports say that Tata Motors hopes to sell 500,000 units of the car, almost four times the number of Indicas it sells.So do we have the roads to cater to these cars which will flood india later this year?
I guess only time has the answer to this question.

Does Tata Nano Dooms Ford and GM in India??
I guess it does. With the launch of NANO, GM's Spark dream has been cremated.The nano looks like the Spark, has a similar central console, but unfortunately is more than a lakh cheaper.Ford which was going strong on the back of its feista sales has already been hit by the maruti SX4.This is no ood news for them either.Even Maruti and Hyundai might look at losing major sales in this entry level segment.But the people of India are not complaining.Every once in a while, something of this sort happens and the industry is forced to innovate .That's what happened when Reliance came up with its mobility services.Tata has done the same with this car.

''Since, a promise is a promise the standard dealer version will cost Rs 1 lakh,'' said Tata Sons chairman Ratan Tata.As the 1000 member strong media and delegates applauded,looks like Mr. Tata has kept his promise, and very well too.

  • Engine is rear mounted
  • Tyres are tubeless!!


  1. Hai,
    Shreya NRI,
    I jus saw this news today n its very impressing me to buy.
    N more over *** "TATA Motors"*** had done a gr8t job for people in all classes with a very affordable price. Its really fantastic , marvellous n this car is goona loved by everyone n specially Women would love very much n its goona rock the world wide. I'm eagerly ready for booking this "TATA NANO" luxiury model car in Hyd ,Andhra pradesh.
    Kindly send me the info for booking !!
    Thx u..

  2. yes Shreya , i couldn't agree with you more.Its slick, smart and worth 1 Lakh, I'm planning to book one for me too :). But you've got to wait until JUNE for it.The details would be up then.The deliveries will then start from October onwards.Till then, have a lakh and a half aside and wait!!

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