09 January 2008

Pseudo-champions Australia killing cricket

Just have a look at this:Clearly the balls' touching the ground.What happened after this was a high pitch appeal from Ponting for the catch.If that was not enough, he did this at the post match press-conference:

"There's no way I grounded that ball," Ponting told a press conference. "If you're actually questioning my integrity in the game, then you shouldn't be standing there."
Thats not all - he shamelessly emphasized the assertion:
"I'm saying I'm 100% sure I would have caught that catch off Dhoni," Ponting said. "As it turned out it was given not out anyway, am I right or wrong?"
WAIT....there's more, have a look at this:Whats happening here is that Mr.Ponting s telling umpire Benson that its out, puppy clark has taken it clean.Why involve Mr. Bucknor here, he's already on my side, go on give it out...

And that is exactly why Mr. Ponting we are bound to question your integrity.What you have done in this test match is probably the worst display of bad sportsmanship and arrogance ever by an Australian side, and we still remember that underarm delivery on the 1st of feb, 1981. For the initiated, have a look here....

No wonder, Peter roebuck called for Ponting's sacking and wrote: In the past few days, the Australian captain has presided over a performance that dragged the game into the pits. He turned a group of professional cricketers into a pack of wild dogs.

I guess, Wasim Akram also put it very aptly when he said that the HYPOCRITICAL Australian players had behaved like "cry babies" by whingeing about racism when they had been world cricket's worst sledgers..
In a test match marred by poor umpiring decisions, the Australian side led by Ricky Ponting showed why they are the most hated champions, or pseudo-champions I may call.

It was ironical, that the Australians were celebrating like hell , for a test match that they had won, and the Cricket, which had lost along with the Indians.

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