09 January 2008

Monkeys outraged - Demand apology for humiliation

9th January,2008

Monkeys worldwide staged angry protests and rallies in response to the their alleged comparison with a man from 'the human race'.It was earlier reported that some controversy had erupted in a game which they (YOU KNOW WHO) call, 'CRICKET', where someone was blessed with our name.Protesting monkeys said that it was highly shameful and disgusting to be compared with some,who now has been identified as - 'Andrew Symonds' from the Kangaroolia.

Minster of external affairs, Monkeyland, has taken up the matter seriously and has said that he will discuss this matter urgently with his counterpart from the human race.Meanwhile, monkeys back home want a public apology asap.Though a section of the crowd believes that the matter should not be taken up seriously as they have read that some humans say that this man indeed has some hints of resemblance.

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  1. hahahaha....the monkeys crying foul, good to see someone reporting their perspective too :)