25 December 2007

Taare Zameen Par movie review

It was only a few days ago that I saw 'October Sky' and wondered why our films could not be like that....
And then came Taare Zameen Par...

I follow a rule,'never miss an AAMIR movie', and I'm glad I follow it!!The film scores on all fronts. Not only does it strikes your emotional chord, it has been shot wonderfully with diverse sceneries and backgrounds.Darsheel hardly speaks but talks a lot through his eyes. The film itself does not talk much, it just lets you understand and fell what you want.Aamir as usual is outstanding.The music is soothing and lyrics excellent.

Another thing to notice is the animation, I think the movie has the best and the most realistic animation we've ever had in Indian cinema.You are reminded of a 'Da Vinci' when those numbers go around!

It is probably a must watch for Parents, teachers, and young students. Some of the college junta might not relate to the movie in a big way, but the inherent message and narration of the film is strong enough to pull you into it.

Taare Zameen Par, minus 30 minutes and 1 song can be our potential winner at Oscar.It should win many here.It can't be compared to an Om Shanti Om or welcome,it would be like apples and oranges.

One really has to give it to Aamir for the following reasons:
  • To put his faith and money in a film like TZP which may not seem to be an out an out commercial entertainer catering to the so called 'multiplex audience'.
  • For Acting,Producing and later Directing the movie himself, and pulling it off so wonderfully.
  • To have extracted such powerful and moving performances from 8-9 year old children.
  • To have the guts to put a 9 year old in Lead and push himself to second lead!The entire movie belongs to Darsheel, Aamir is actually the supporting actor!!
My suggestion is that DO NOT go for this movie with your friends,it might just take away the mood of the film.Go alone, or best, with your parents for a change!!
Go on, buy back row seats, sit back, and absorb. Don't be disturbed.

A movie like Taare....comes once in a while.After Lagaan, Rang de Basanti and Iqbal, TZP captures your heart like no movie has ever done before.
I hope SRK sees the film and learns that Cinema provides entertainment,yes, but has the power to change people as well.

NO RATINGS,just go on and watch it!!!


  1. yes, I agree with you, the movie is the best I have seen. All the performances were very moving....people around me were actually crying!!!!

  2. I never believed that a movie can just change people. But it came to reality. What a movie!!! There is no Hero, Heroine, Vilan, hip-shakes, silly commedy. Just characters., life only. It changed my life. It changed my attitude towards my own child., I am ashamed of my behaviour towards my child. It changed my attitude towards kids who are the stars on the earth. No words to convey my feelings. Hats off to Amir.