18 December 2007

'KNOL' news gains momentum...

Question: Do you find something similar in the picture above and the post below this post?

can't guess??

Click the image and compare....
get it....???
It was pleasant surprise when I accidentally bumped into knolstuff.com and started reading the article on the front page, and I realized that it sounded very familiar!!!!
It was actually my post which I had written two days before on this very blog!!!

A little more search and I found that it had also made its way to the google official blog and more than 50 blogs had posted a link to it!!

This will surely push me to write atleast a post a day (which was asking too much from a lazy man like me :)


  1. congrats dude.....gr8 work!!!!

  2. yeah....its amazing how relevant content on the net is read n noticed all ver d globe...gud work

  3. oye...JUST NOTICED THE DOODLE!!!!!!GR8 job maaannnn!!!!!excellent! :)