15 September 2007

Twenty20..the future has arrived!!

What we saw yesterday was I think the best cricket can get.INDIA v PAKISTAN….ups and downs throughout the match…single run required of last 2 balls….tie…..BOWL OUT….and finally INDIA winning it.(with pakistan unable to come even close to the stumps :)

This Twenty20 world cup in some sense has shown us the way cricket will evolve in the time to come.Shorter games, more fours and sixes, innovative rules,, dancing girls… in short-more glamor and excitement.And we surely are not complaining.(bowlers might disagree on this

Specially after yesterday, where we had a tie and the game proceeded to a BOWL OUT,something which we had never seen in cricket. It was incredible to see the players, umpires, coaches, even the match referee with the rule books, everybody on the field and figuring out what is to be done next. The actual bowl out was also in no way less exciting than we see in football or hockey.

Full marks to ICC for introducing the concept.It has brought about a breath of freshness and excitement in the air of monotony in the game.But they have to make sure that they maintain its exclusivity and don’t over do it, otherwise it may kill the traditional game.

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