13 September 2007

VHP antics spoils day…

It was a usual morning as I went out for work when i found the first intersection barricaded and policemen diverting the traffic to the right.Thinking of a ‘netaji’ on a visit, I turned over just to find another barricade telling to go to the left.A Km ahead, another barricade wading traffic to the right.And after 45 min of left-righ, i found myself standing right in front of my house!

The alternate route took me more than three times the time it usually takes to reach my destination. My friends encountered similar traffic snarls all over Delhi.As it turned out to be, it was actually the VHP activists carrying out city wide processions..!!!

The cause: Setu Samudram Project.The multi-crore rupee project proposes to provide a shorter sea route from Rameshwaram to Sri Lanka.So what is VHP’s problem-They beleive that building this canal would destroy the ancient Ram Sethu built during Ramayana.They are also claiming that the Centre had fallen a prey to America’s “conspiracy” to make the Palk Strait, now shared only by India and Sri Lanka, international waters,and that the site had more than 3.60 lakh tonnes of thorium that could be used for making power for another 100 years for the entire country….

Ram Sethu…thorium or not….this surely was not the way to raise the voice. I surely was hugely annoyed to see the state of affairs in Delhi today.