26 September 2007

As Cricket becomes Richer…Hockey becomes Poorer!

While the cash registers continue to ring for the victorious Indian team, our Hockey team cries foul over ‘ STEP - Motherly ‘ treatment.

National Chief Coach, Joaquim Carvalho strongly objected to the announcement of cash awards by the Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel and the state governments of Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand and Karnataka to the cricketers while ignoring the victory of his wards in the Asian Continental Championship early this month.

“Why our hockey players are orphaned and why our politicians are biased towards Hockey, the national game”, Carvalho asked.

He declared that one coach and four players have planned to go on hunger strike before the Karnataka Chief Minister’s house for his announcing Rs five lakh each to the members of the cricket team, while “treating the State hockey players like dust”.

Carvalho said, “Karnataka CM has not till date congratulated his State hockey players for the Asia Cup win”.

Though Cricket is by far the number one sport in India, there is no denying the fact that our National Sport, Hockey, has been shabbily treated by the sports officials and the govt. alike.This recent outcry exemplifies the fact how bad these players feel upon being treated the way they our after fighting out of their skins for the country at important tournaments world over.

While the cricketers get crorepatis after winning the cup, our asian cup winning hockey team got a mere Rs50000 (source unconfirmed) as a cash prize.I think its completely within their rights to raise their voice and its better to get heard now before we finally lose our most successful sport.

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